Offshore Tech. Dive Limited have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees, sub-contractors, clients, visitors and members of the general public in relations to the company’s activities.

It is basic responsibility to all persons engaged directly or indirectly with the company’s operations to ensure that all rules and regulations laid down by law and those provided by the company are adhered to at all time to ensure the protection and health and safety.

The company has produced procedures manuals and work instructions which have been developed to eliminate reduce wherever possible the risk to health and safety. The strict use of these procedures and a good working knowledge of them will ensure that the health and safety is maintained.

The company has undertaken to review and change its policy and procedures on a regular basis to ensure that all new developments are included and any inadequacies removed.

This policy is designed to promote co-operation and support for the improvement of health and safety at work.

A person or persons found ignoring; abusing or neglecting their responsibilities under this policy will be deemed in breach of contract and will face disciplinary actions.