Our facilities and equipment can be inspected at short notice.

O.T.D.L does not have any vessel on their own, but the company has various agreements with other companies for the hire of jack up barges, vessels outside for offshore work and other construction works.

We are currently in the process of purchasing a support vessel suitable for all offshore activities both Sub Sea and topside, mainly marine construction and maintenance works.

O.T.D.L has four (4) deep air diving spreads that can support dives down to 165ft (50m) and six (6) mobile dive systems. Various tools for air lifting, jetting, underwater welding/burning are available. Also in our stores are a variety of inspection and other support equipment.

Sandblasting/painting equipment, welding machines, compressors, pumps and other mechanical equipment are on display at our workshop.

With this wide range of equipment, OTDL carries out both underwater works and topside maintenance works within the same contract.

Managing Director
Operation Manager
Dive Supervisor, IMCA (air and mixed gas)
Two technicians
Safety Officer
QA/QC Officer
Engineer/Computer Operator (AutoCAD)

Experienced expatriate and indigenous personnel are hired and brought in as needed on a per job basis dependent on the level of activity and the specifics of the project. A significant number of employees are kept employed on a permanent basis. Operating in this manner allows the company to adapt its work force not only according to levels of activity but according to the changing scopes, requirements and location of the projects.