Why Train at O.T.D.L Commercial Diving School?

Realistic Training – O.T.D.L’s unique location which is around few minutes drive to a water front with a private training jetty, provides the trainee with realistic conditions, as we strive to stay away from quarry diving, this ensures optimal waterman ship, seamanship and diver training.

Staff Compliment – Each 4-week module is run by a qualified facilitator and assistant. Registered assessors are tasked as a supportive guide to encourage the success of the learner through the training program.

Safety Induction – Occupational Health and safety in the work place and the requirements for the use of Personal Protective Equipment, good house keeping and emergency procedures.

Bio kinetic Evaluation – Determine the individuals’ ability to safely perform the physical requirements of commercial diving. Exercise testing remains a valuable and important component of the diver medical assessment. (ref DMAC Statement on Exercise testing)

Watermanship Training – O.T.D.L’s policy is to conduct activities in such a way to consider the health and safety of student divers. Diving is a safety critical and physical demanding task and for those reasons divers require adequate reserves of physical fitness. Above average levels of physical fitness and endurance training are considered go be protective against decompression illness and provide protection against other health risks.

Seamanship – All diver training is SEA GOING. This improves the requirement of Seamanship, personal safety at sea and basic rigging.

Working at Heights – Falls from height are a serious problem in the offshore industry . O.T.D.L promotes the safety awareness when working at height. Skills training is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to work at height safely.

Commercial Diver Training – O.T.D.L is a training centre designed to enhance the ability of our clients to achieve improved quality of life in a sustainable way through delivering quality skills programs.

Our Mission

At O.T.D.L, we are committed to providing quality, progressive education using outcome-based skills training and the development of individuals.
We support student-centered learning to ensure that individuals trained at O.T.D.L demonstrate competency through a combination of knowledge, understanding and skills that produce optimal performance and safe working practices within the global civil works and offshore, oil and gas industries.