Class IV – SCUBA – 4 week Module  – Dedicated Facilitator and assistant

Class III – Surface Supplied Inshore – 4 week Module – Dedicated Facilitator and assistant

Class II – Surface Supply Offshore – 4 week Module – Dedicated Facilitator and assistant

Maintenance and Dive Technicians – O.T.D.L boasts a fully equipped maintenance team to safely maintain diving equipment and ensure system maintenance with knowledge of relevant legislation and industry standards.

Recognised First Aid Training Centre (Levels 1-3) health care professionals provide first aid training and Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) training.

Diver Medic Training Facility – OTDL is equipped with facilities suitable for diver medic training.

Transport – Meet and Greet Service – A car drop from wherever in Warri. Through Old Airport junction to Okorodudu junction to Enerhen road. Turn left by Mosheshe cold room estate and get OTDL Diving Training Center

Accommodation and Catering – are available

Other Courses:

  • Chamber Attendant Course
  • Chamber Operators
  • Air Diver Technician Course
  • Diver medic
  • Trainee Diving Supervisory Course

O.T.D.L is a training center designed to enhance the ability of our clients to achieve improved quality of life in a sustainable way through delivering quality accredited skills programs.

O.T.D.L offers an affordable 12-week trade in commercial diving and provides the graduate with immediately useful skills to enter the civil works industry with the progression to the possibilities of a lucrative job in offshore, oil and gas.

Applicants may consider a career in commercial diving as a less costly alternative to attending university or college.


O.T.D.L Commercial Diver Training courses

  • Offshore Commercial Diver – Oil and Gas – Full Package – 12 weeks (O.T.D.L Class II Diving permit)
  • Inshore Commercial Diver – Civil Works – 8 weeks (O.T.D.L Class III Diving permit)
  • Offshore Commercial Diver – Oil and Gas – Package – 8 weeks (O.T.D.L Diving permit)


  • Diver Medic – O.T.D.L – 2 weeks
  • Trainee Air Diving Supervisor – O.T.D.L – 2 weeks


  • Air Diving Systems Technician – 10 Days

Commercial Diving graduates can follow further career opportunities in the following areas:

  • Inspection Diver (CSWIP)
  • Coded Welder
  • Saturation Diver
  • ROV Pilot/Technician
  • Dive Systems Technician
  • Life support Technician

First Aid Training

Training is provided by registered Health Care Professionals with experience in the emergency medical environment and diving medicine Instructors all maintain a voluntary work schedule in the local trauma unit to ensure crisp knowledge and latest protocols.

Level I (Basic) First Aid                         Duration: 16 Hours (2 days)

Level 2 (Intermediate) First Aid          Duration: 32 Hours (4 days)

Level 3 (Advanced First Aid                  Duration: 40 hours (5 days)

Marine Training

Maritime First Aid Training Facility

  1. Elementary First Aid Duration: 2 Days
  2. First Aid at Sea Duration: 5 Days
  3. Ship’s Captain Medical Duration: 5 Days